English Project Day

On a normal Thursday classes 10.1 and 10.2 met in the auditorium to participate in an English project. Our English guests Rob, Austin and Charlie came to us at 8.30am and divided us into groups. The individual groups then had either singing and songwriting, acting or dancing lessons. During singing and songwriting, we wrote our own lyrics and sang together. Enjoying the acting lessons, we had to come up with a small play on a theme and we rehearsed dancing together with Austin, to perform a dance at the end. For both classes it was a completely new experience to have to speak English all day long. We have all learned a lot and further developed our language skills. Therefore we would like to thank our teachers Mrs. Ruben, Mrs. Müller, Mrs. Werth and Mr. Schöning for the great experience and the organization of the project day.

Anna, Elena, Florentin, Maja (10.1)

Lydia, Hannah, Stella (10.2)