A very Irish week

On the 18th of September Mr. Schöning and Mrs. D. Müller started five great days with 34 students in Dublin, Ireland. We took off from Berlin Schönefeld on Tuesday and went to our hostel in Dublin by bus.

The first day in the city was Wednesday because we just arrived very late on Tuesday. We divided the group in two smaller groups and went through Dublin with a tour guide. During this tour we learned a lot of things about Dublin´s history and some general and interesting facts about the city. The only thing that wasn´t that nice was that it rained for an hour but we dried quickly because it was very windy.

In the afternoon we had an amazing Irish dancing lesson in a pub near our hostel. It was difficult to follow the woman who showed us the steps because it was faster than we’d expected but it was very funny too.

On Thursday we went to the Wicklow Mountains where the series ´Vikings´was filmed. We had a nice view from the top oft the mountains on a lake which looked like a pint of Guinness because the water was nearly black and the beach very light. After that we went to the National Park and walked through it for a while to get to another lake, where we met some ducks. We were all soaking wet after this trip but hey, rain is Ireland´s second name.

In the evening we cooked pasta and sang for some hours while Mr. Schöning was playing the guitar. This day was pretty exhausting.

The next day we visited the Guinness Store House firstly and had some free time after this. While walking through the streets of Dublin we had a lot of fun solving some challenges (for example singing a song in Grafton Street). In the evening we ate in the same pub we had our dancing lesson on Wednesday and we danced there again. This day was exhausting again, because we walked very much but we had a great last day there.

On Saturday we went to the airport at eleven a.m. Before that a girl´s personal ID was stolen so Mr. Schöning tried everything to get her back to Germany. After hours of calling different persons we all got back home safely.

It was a nice trip for everyone of us and even though the weather was not as good as in Rome, Prague or Gdanzk the mood was way better in rainy Dublin.

Thanks again to Mr. Schöning and Mrs. Müller for such a great week.