Still Life (Mr. May und das Flüstern der Ewigkeit)

“If Mr. May peels an apple, he does it so patiently that the skin remains as a single convoluted, winding curl on the table…” (21th January 2016 16:38, Süddeutsche Zeitung)

On 20th January 2016 the year 11s of the Paul-Fahlisch-Gymnasium and the teachers Mrs. Farmer, Mrs. Gnerlich and Mr. Schöning went to the “Obenkino” in Cottbus. There is the “British School Film Festival”, where you can watch many older films in English. One of these films is “Still Life” which we have chosen to watch.

At 11:45 am we met to wait for the bus near to the Paul-Fahlisch-Gymnasium. After some time, the bus came and we headed to Cottbus. The cinema we drove to was not as big as the other ones in this area. Immediately all students found their seats the film began. “Still Life” was a 90-Minutes long spectacle about the problem of loneliness and death by director Uberto Pasolini. It is about Mr.May – a lonely man – who works as a “Funeral Officer”. He traces relatives of decedents. Mostly, he is the only one who comes to these funerals. But since nowadays few people appreciate human actions like these, he is fired. That´s why he puts his whole ability in the issue of Billy Stoke. The more he follows Billy´s life, the more his own life changes.

After the movie we walked to the bus stop. At 2:00 pm one group of the students drove back to Lübbenau. The other part drove to their villages. On our way home there were some students who said negative and some positive things about the film. It made a topic for the next English lessons, because the opinions about the film were very different.

F. Kuhnert