Getting into the Christmas mood

Last Thursday, the 10th of December, all pupils of the 12th grade went to Berlin to watch Charles Dickens’ stage play A Christmas Carol. It was performed in the Academy of Arts Berlin. Almost each of us already knew this story but not like this. We watched an originally English version of this play, presented by native, English-speaking actors. With a bit of singing, great spectacle arts and some good jokes, the theatre play was very well presented to us. The story is about an old grumpy man who really hates Christmas and isn’t treating his fellows warm-hearted but finally changes his attitude towards Christmas after he has been hunted by three ghosts in one night. After this night, it actually is the night before Christmas, he changes his life and his behaviour towards other people. This story shows us that we should treat our fellows right especially in this time of the year.
It has also brought us a little Christmas spirit, what is more difficult due to the lack of snow. We highly recommend a visit of the play A Christmas Carol.

Rica Schleinitz